Week 5

2/20 – 2/23

Tuesday, Studio

  • Click, Click presentations from: Yaren, Khe, Vinny and Yangchen. Class, please take the place of Seth.
  • Project 1 comments: what did you learn? what did you have trouble with? what would you do differently?
  • Introduce Project 2: Obsessions
  • Presentation on Archives
  • Review requirements for homework. What am I expecting?
  • Finally watch John Berger, Ways of Seeing


  • Create an InVision presentation for Obsessions. The presentation should include 3 different concepts for your project. Each concept should have about 4 pages: one page describing it with words and pictures, a mood board with examples of what you’re trying to achieve. this should include research as well as inspiration (probably about 2 pages), and one rough homepage design exploring your topic. Around 12 pages total.
  • Negotiating the Archive, Sue Breakell reading presentation by volunteer and discussion question for other students.

Wednesday, Lab


If you did not finish the drawings in class, or you’d like to spend more time working on them, take a photo of the still life and complete it at home. If you weren’t in class this week you’ll need to create a still life of your own.

Create an archive of all the drawings completed in class, both your own drawings and the two drawings from each other student. You can find each project from the students page, in their github repos.

Store this archive in the your github projects directory, e.g. at this path projects/coding-from-life-archive. Your archives should consist of a index.html and main.css, just like the Coding from Life sketches in the starter kit.

Your archives should link to each drawing directly. For example, if I had created a drawing, you would link to

You should consider how you choose to organize the drawings. Is it alphabetically, chronologically, by color, random, or something else?

You should consider how you display the drawings. Is it with an image of the sketch, or a more abstract representation of the sketch, or just text?

Once your archive is complete and correctly linked to each student’s sketch, add a new link to your github pages home page page linking to the archive, and to your two sketches.

Weekly Interest

  • Esra and Prithi start next class with weekly interest.

Friday, Studio

  • Click, Click presentations from: Yangchen
  • Seowon presents on Negotiating the Archive, Sue Breakell with class discussion
  • Students present their homework
  • Lecture: wireframes and userflows


  • Decide on your topic based on the feedback from class.
  • Assess what types of assets you’ll need to populate your project.
  • Research methods of content: i.e are you using photos? If so, what do they look like? Where will they be shot? What is the lighting like? Are they in color? Or will you scan your materials?
  • Begin gathering your materials and have about 5 pieces to show
  • Create a userflow and wireframe for your project
  • Start designing one page for your project. Have 3 different versions of it.
  • Everything should be uploaded in InVision at the start of class.
  • Reading, Research and Destroy by Daniel van der Velden (Metahaven). Volunteer for reading presentation, rest do discussion question