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  1. For this project we’re going to make a personal archive. The archive should contain 70–100 different pieces in it. The content of the archive is entirely up to you and should reflect one of your interests or ruminations. The content can be found, your own, or a combination of both.
  2. Think about how the archive is organized (or disorganized).
  3. The project must include a visual component: photos, illustrations, etc.
  4. Start with a user flow that shows how the user will go through your website. Consider 3 different paths the user could take to navigate your content. Which path is the most expected? Which path offers the most opportunities for experimentation? Be sure to consider how the active gesture of clicking will impact the user. Are there other gestures that can enhance the experience?
  5. Consider how the user interacts with your archive, and how the archive is experienced. Is it immediately accessible in its entirety, or is the user required to discover it? Do you look at the item one at a time? Does the user need to do something to see the items? All of these choices should be considered and reflect your concept.
  6. The project is required to have at least two views: a full archive as well as a detail view that has different information.
  7. You should be able to go through the archive in at least two different ways. (Macro and micro)
  8. Project must have a title and a favicon.
  9. Consider how you can add relevant metadata to your project.
  10. You will be graded on concept, execution, and consistency.


The goals of this project are to work with a multiplicity of items and learn to create a seamless and coherent story using your design. Unlike the previous project, Obsessions requires designer’s to use a visual component and to examine all the factors that go into making something consistent in many different ways. Additionally, the project introduces students to metadata and asks them to begin thinking about how to use additional information to add a memorable layer of content to the project. Lastly, the project asks students to examine their own interests and aesthetics and to apply it to a project. The best projects will go beyond what’s literally being asked of them and take on their own twist! Remember my book report comment and try to make something meaningful to you that doesn’t just satisfy the requests of the assignment verbatim.

##Technical Requirements

  1. Website must be responsive work on a variety of screen sizes. The mobile view should feel considered and add to the story.
  2. Archive must change in some way with interaction.


This project is your midterm. The final crits will be on T. April 3rd and Wed. April 4th. Check agenda for increments.