Week 3

2/06 – 2/09

Tuesday, Studio

  • Announcement: Click, Click extended: due on Friday 02/16
  • Quickly talk about Navigation
  • Individual meetings with me
  • Work on your homework


Wednesday, Lab


  • Create an archive of each student’s Personal Journey, including your own.
    1. Create a new directory named personal-journey-archive somewhere in your GitHub repo and store all files related to the archive in this directory.
    2. The archive should consist of a home page that has a link to each student’s project.
    3. Consider how you represent each student’s project. Is it with a screenshot, or a text description, or something more abstract? Do you want to try to convey the meaning of the student’s project by how you represent it in your archive, or is it just a simple index? Be creative with how you structure your archive!
    4. What metadata do you want to include for each students project?
    5. Do the links in your archive link directly to the student’s project, or do you want to create an intermediate page where you display the project within your own website.
    6. If you have trouble locating someone’s assignment, i.e. they didn’t do it, please indicate this in some way within your archive. This could take the form of a missing image, a note that says it’s missing, etc. The archive should consist of 15 items even if some of projects are missing.
    7. Finally, add a link to the archive on your GitHub repo’s home page.

Weekly Interest

Friday, Studio

  • Vinny presents on and go over discussion questions
  • Workshop: Hovering
  • Workshop files
  • Get into groups of 3. Present your work to each other. Answer and record these questions from your classmates:
    1. What is the first thing you want to do when you land on the website?
    2. Is the user flow intuitive? Why or why not?
    3. Is something broken? If so, what is it? Does anyone in your group know how to fix it?
    4. If something is broken and no one knows how to fix it, what might you search for to find the answer?
    5. What do you think the designer’s intention is behind the design choices? Is it communicated clearly? How can it be improved upon?
    6. In terms of formal art/design concepts (typography, layout, scale, color, texture, rhythm) what is working? What could be improved upon?
    7. Is the site easy to navigate? Based on our presentation about navigation on Tuesday, is there enough information for the user?
    8. Any last comments about the experience?