Personal Journey

Tuesday, 1/31 – Lab


Download the starter kit

Create a series of HTML pages linked together by anchor tags. These pages will tell a personal story. The way you choose to tell this story can be abstract. This can be a story of your life, your experience at Parsons, a particular moment or event, etc. The only requirement is that this reflects your own experience.

You will use simple HTML to structure your pages. Pages will be linked together by anchor tags.

Use semantic HTML to help reinforce the content of your pages, and try incorporating CSS to enhance the meaning of your story.

Purpose of this exercise

This exercise will help give you the technical knowledge to complete your Click, Click projects. This exercise is meant to give you a quick look into how to create and link numerous pages in HTML. It is up to you to take this knowledge and apply it to your Click, Click projects.

The constraints of this project will force you to be clever in how you form HTML content and style it on the page.