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  1. Find a text to use. The text should be written by an outside source, and be published online, either by the author or a third party at some point in time. Be prepared to explain why you chose the text. The text can be from anywhere: a poem, a book, a news article, Twitter etc. Here are a few places to look:
  2. Limit your text to about 2-5 pages. Using your text as the content, you will design a website that houses it.
  3. You are going to design a website about this text. The website will need to break the text up into at least 10 separate pages, each showing different information. You cannot use images. Some questions to consider: What is the purpose of your text and why did you choose it? What is the meaning of the text? How does the meaning of the text change when you break it up in different ways?
  4. Start with a user flow that shows how the user will go through your website. Consider 3 different paths the user could take to navigate your content. Which path is the most expected? Which path offers the most opportunities for experimentation? Be sure to consider how the active gesture of clicking will impact the user.
  5. How does typography affect the reading of this text? Think about how the text will fall on the website. Does it change with each page? Think about how breaking up each line affects the legibility. Think about scale, and consistency. How do you think the author would have intended the text to be read? How would you design it? What would be the most inappropriate setting of the type be?
  6. The website should house the name of the work, the author and where you located it.
  7. The website should also have a name of your choosing.
  8. This is a typographic assignment. No images.


The goals of this project are to work within limitations, both technically and in your designs, to create something engaging and memorable. It is an exploration of typography and interaction. The project should help you begin to think about how interactive design can enhance a narrative and the malleability of design on the internet.


Final project is due February 13th. Check agenda for increments.


Finding your text (you can get it from anywhere!)
Poetry Foundation
Project Gutenberg
Open Library

Project Inspiration:
Sweethearts, Mindy Seu
My Boyfriend Came Back from the War, Olia Lialina
Radiohead Website