Week 1

1/23 – 1/26

Tuesday, Studio

  • Introductions
  • Syllabus and course homepage overview
  • Student presentations


Wednesday, Lab

  • Introductions
  • Discuss Git, GitHub Pages and navigating the terminal: GitHub lecture


  1. Read The seven rules of a great git commit message
  2. Customize the index of your GitHub repo by adding some simple text, or experimenting with basic HTML tags. Practice changing the file, committing it with a message, and pushing the changes to GitHub. Everyone should come to class on Week 2 with several additional commits logged.
  3. Read and/or review the following pages from w3schools. There will be a timed quiz next week that tests your knowledge of the concepts outlined in these pages.

Friday, Studio


  • Decide on your text and bring it in.
  • Create a presentation on InVision that introduces your idea. Answer the following questions in your presentation:
  • How will you divide your text up? Why? Try to think of something more interesting than the predesigned chapters of the book
  • How many pages do you want to divide your text into?
  • Will the journey through your story be linear (Clicking takes you to the next page all the way through) or will it have multiple entry ways? Why? How does your decision support your overall goal for the website?
  • What is the main theme you’d like to communicate to the user? How can this theme be presented through the way you organize the text?
  • How can your theme be communicated visually? Do an exploration on typography and design. Find examples of other designs that achieve what you’re going after. Be sure to label your findings.
  • Start designing the first page of your project. Bring in 3 different explorations.

  • Read Typophoto and The Crystal Goblet. Vinny, please prepare a reading presentation for Typophoto.
  • Discussion Question