Week 8

3/12 – 3/16

Tuesday, Studio


  • Submit your prototype to the user tester. Forward your video to me before the next class.
  • If you haven’t already, start programming your project
  • Reading: Frank Chimero, The Web’s Grain. Reading presentation by volunteer, discussion question for everyone else.

Wednesday, Lab

  • Kristen and Evelin share weekly interest.
  • Discuss HTML/CSS Puzzles exercise and compare solutions.
  • Studio project worktime: continue programming Obsessions project

Weekly Interest

  • Shuting and Vincent start next class with weekly interest.

Friday, Studio

  • Calendar recap: Obsessions presentations: Tuesday April 3rd and Wednesday April 4th, Spring Break, April 7th Announcement, Mini Project
  • Announcement: Midterm evaluations coming over break! If you want further feedback on your projects, email me.
  • Reading discussion: Yaren presents on Frank Chimero, The Web’s Grain and we discuss.
  • User testing review, watch some videos. Discuss what we learned. How did it feel having someone else interact with your work? If you weren’t able to get a usertesting account, I’ll send you a code you can use after spring break. You will be graded on submitting and responding to your peer tester, however.
  • Invidiual meetings before the break.


  • Have about 75-80% of your project online. We will begin working on a mini project concurrently so it’s in your best interest to get as much progress done over the break.
  • Consider visting a museum or show and researching your masterpiece for the next project.
  • Reading: Charles Broskoski interview on The Creative Independent. Reading presentation by Jahyun, discussion question for everyone else.