Week 7

3/05 – 3/09

Tuesday, Studio

  • Observe lecture about Mobile Design and Responsive Design
  • In class activity: Work in pairs and find an example of a website that has a nice transition to a smaller screen size. Document both versions with descriptions on why you think it’s an effective transition. Share with class.
  • Work on revising your desktop designs to work on a variety of screen sizes. Analyze what will need to change. Aside from the literal differences, is there a separate part of your experience that should be different when accessed on a mobile design?


  • Continue working on your projects, come to class with a revised version that includes what it looks like on mobile. All should be uploaded to InVision at the start of class.

Wednesday, Lab

  • Kristen and Evelin share weekly interest.
  • Discuss HTML/CSS Puzzles exercise and compare solutions.
  • Individual midterm review meetings.


  • Address any comments from midterm review (catch up on missing work, etc.)
  • Make sure your GitHub Pages home page displays properly (so that when you go to e.g. you see your home page).

Weekly Interest

  • Shuting and Vincent start next class with weekly interest.

Friday, Studio

  • Individual meetings


  • Continue working on your project and start programming it.