Website for a Masterpiece

Studio, Lab


  1. Go to a museum or art exhibition.
  2. Find and document a work of art that speaks to you. Who is it by? What does it mean? When was it created? What is it about? Why do you like it? Document the work by photographing it and assemble some research regarding it.
  3. Create a one page website as a digital iteration for this masterpiece. Do not simply show the artwork with the artist information. Instead, think about how you can extend this piece to an online platform. What do you want to show website visitors about this piece? Is the entire artwork on display or is it fragmented into different pieces? Is there something in the process of the artwork that you’d like to highlight? Feel free to extract certain aspects of the piece and ignore others. However, you should think about how the additions/subtractions you make affect the original intent of the artwork.


The goal of this project is to consider how the act of reproducing an existing artwork can affect the artwork itself. It is also an exploration in using existing content rather than generating your own, and to investigate the role of the designer in curating the content. It is also a quick turn around project, which forces you to think and iterate quickly.

##Technical Requirements

  1. Website must be responsive.
  2. Website should be a single page.


Project will be due April 10th. (Shorter assignment)