Dream Vacation

Studio, Lab


  1. I’d like you to imagine a website as a destination. The destination should be fictitious, but should have a reason for existing. Think about how one feels when they land on the page, what kind of information is necessary to communicate the goal of the vacation, and how the experience of being in the destination changes over time. How does time pass at your dream vacation? The website should feel alive and intentional. The website can take the form of an environment, but doesn’t have to. You are also allowed to bring in any content (existing or imaginary) to the assignment, as long as it supports your idea. In addition, the website should have a differentiated experience on mobile than it does on a widescreen that supports your concept.
  2. Your destination should change with interaction in some capacity. Some thoughts to consider: how does time pass at your location? Quickly or slowly? What happens when you scroll? Does your website change when you access it from a mobile device rather than a computer?
  3. Project must have a title and a favicon.
  4. Lastly, think about what kind of website would make you want to return to the destination again.

Technical Requirements

  • Must react to an input in some capacity using Javascript or jQuery
  • Must work on a variety of break points
  • Must respond to time and space in a poetic manner


April 24: 3 concepts for the project, with research, mood boards and visual references on what you’re going for and a quick sketch of the homepage for each direction. (Deliverable: an Invision presentation with 3 completely different ideas, references, and sketches of the homepage.)
April 27: Revised concept with 3 different design directions/initial sketches (Homepage and 1 supporting page for each sketch)
May 1: Finalized design due fully fleshed out based on feedback
May 4: Studio work day, continue with programming
May 8: Studio work day, continue with programming
May 9: Final Presentations (maybe) May 11: Final presentations