Week 6

2/27 – 3/02

Tuesday, Studio


  • Start generating your archive assets
  • Begin exploring the design of your website. Assemble an InVision presentation that includes references and inspiration, as well as a first pass at all your pages.
  • If we don’t finish in class, watch The Internet with a Human Face

Wednesday, Lab


  • If you didn’t finish the HTML/CSS Puzzles exercies in class, complete this for homework.
  • Make sure the puzzle exercise is uploaded to your GitHub account by March 7 or it will be marked late.

Weekly Interest

  • Kristen and Evelin start next class with weekly interest.

Friday, Studio

  • Individual meetings and work session in class. Try to get as much of your design complete as possible.


  • Have a complete draft of your archived materials
  • Bring in a complete draft of the desktop version of your website to class, revised based on your feedback from Friday