Week 13

4/24 – 4/27

Tuesday, Studio

  • Prithi presents on Susan Kare and we discuss
  • Additional video on Susan Kare
  • Students present their homework
  • Watch video on Sulki and Min Choi
  • Announcement about Course Evaluations


  • Choose one direction to move forward with. Create three different iterations of that idea. Each iteration should be a sketch uploaded to InVision. Show as many screens as necessary to communicate the general idea of your project – if there are subpages, show what those could look like. If there is an interactive component on the homepage, show how that will work. I would imagine about 3 pages per direction (9 pages total). Please upload to InVision at the start of class.
  • Yangchen is discussion leader, everyone else please read chapters 1 and 2 What is Code by Paul Ford and post a question.

Wednesday, Lab

  • Discuss jQuery exercises and share examples
  • In-class excercise: Quick Prototyping
  • Individual reviews to discuss Dream Vacation projects


  • Finish Quick Prototyping excercises and begin programming Dream Vacation projects. We will begin reviewing your Dream Vacation code next week.

Friday, Studio

  • Hear from Yangchen and discuss Paul Ford reading
  • Screening: Sulki and Min Choi
  • Announcement regarding guest critics
  • Individual meetings