Week 11

4/10 – 4/13

Tuesday, Studio


  • Project will be due in one week 04/16. For Friday, finalize your design and begin programming.
  • Read chapters 9 and 10 from The Shape of Design by Frank Chimero
  • Discussion question on the above

Wednesday, Lab

Divide into groups of 3 or 4. Create a new HTML file and create a link to a main.js JavaScript file. Use that JavaScript file to complete each of these tasks in class:

  1. Create a variable named myWeekend assigned to a string that describes something fun you did over the weekend.
  2. Create a series of 6 math problems that all equal 66. For example, 6 * 11.
  3. Create a series of arrays that represent each of the work session groups. Each student should be one item in the array. Assign these arrays to variables.
  4. Create a variable named allStudentsHere and assign it a boolean value representing whether or not all the students are present today.
  5. Create a variable named studentsMissing and assign it an array with a list of each student that is missing. Use console.log() to log the number of students that are missing from class.
  6. Bonus: Create a an array of each of the work session groups from number 3 (an array of arrays) and loop through this array using a for loop. Use console.log() to log the index of the working group. Inside that for loop, create an additional for loop that logs each of the students in that working group.

Weekly Interest

  • Khe starts next class with weekly interest.
  • Prepare for next week’s in-class javascript quiz by reviewing the JavaScript Introduction lecture and reading the “Read more” links at the bottom of each section.

Friday, Studio


  • Finish your masterpiece project and have it online for Tuesday morning