Week 10

4/3 – 4/6

Tuesday, Studio

  • Project presentations from: Emily, Yaren, Shuting, Vincent Garcia, Yangchen, Evelin, Prithi, Khe.
  • Guest critic: Tiff Hockin


  • For Tuesday 04/10 — bring a presentation in of your Masterpiece project. Include a “field notes” analysis of your artwork – who it’s by, where it came from, what you like about it (2-3 slides), what you’d like to highlight about your project (1-2 slides), and 3 COMPLETE designs of your project (not programmed, just on Invision). Each design should be conceptually and visually distinct.

Wednesday, Lab

  • Project presentations from: Shuting, Vincent, Yangchen, Soyeon, Esra, Kristen, Vinny.
  • Guest critic: Cheyanne Proud